About Pastor David


 God called pr David after being offered with the diploma and chose him to take hope to the hopeless and reconciling His people with Him and his calling is such amazing calling in that he seems to have been a man known by God right from his mother’s womb. Remember, the devil doesn’t always attack people with no divine purpose. And to such people, he (the devil) always seeks their lives knowing that sometimes limiting them alone may not work. This always happens to people God has known from the beginning that nothing can ever change God’s mind over them. Beside that his grandfather the father of his mother came to central Uganda from west Uganda to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. So Pr. David with his special call, God has anointed him to speak His word with braveness and command for a fruitful gospel. We have seen the down-cast risen again to their feet;

The lame walking, the diseased have been healed; souls have been worn to the Kingdom under a demonstration of the Holy Ghost through Miracles, Signs and Wonders, Many miracles happened;

The hopeless have found a reason again to have their hope in the Lord; witch doctors giving their lives to Christ, the barren giving birth and many different miracles that we could not record down; all by the power of God at work through Pr. David.  

These are some of the testimonies that were long made at the fore-told time of his calling

This is Nakiwala Rebecca who was born HIV positive and had suffered from severe AIDS.


Many people including her family members had given up with her having done all they could but wounds were deepening to the bones, her hair countable plus all other symptoms of severe AIDS. Even her growth was stunted and this was how she LOOKED.   

But after PR David prayed for her, God healed her and she is totally delivered from HIV/AIDS in Jesus' name and she confessed Jesus Christ to be her personal Lord and Savior and look how she looks like now, Glory be to God.

 And The Lame walking,  

 This man got accident and his leg was broken and he could not walk or stand without a stick as you see him in the photo

After Pastor David prayed for him, God healed him instantly; he no longer walks with the stick. He confessed Jesus Christ to be his personal Lord and Savior and see how he was dancing and jumping, Totally healed in Jesus’ name. Glory be to God!

For more than 20 years this old woman couldn't stand and walk but after Pr David prayed for her in the name of Jesus now she can stand and walk has you see her testifying and jumping.

Barren giving birth  

This lady got married in 2002 and since then she had never got a child. She was desperate; she spent a lot of money on consultation and medication. All treatments done on her were very expensive, one day  after visiting the recommended doctor who diagnosed tumors on fallopian tubes, he advised her to under go an operation which was very expensive. She decided to come to church and Pastor David prayed for her and God is faithful; she got pregnant and had not gone for the operation recommended. To our surprise she gave birth to twins [a boy and a girl] as you see in the photo. 


Because of the grace God has given Pr. David, more and more testimonies continue to pour has he preachs the message of hope on the village of Busega and shrines have been burnt, people are giving their lives to Christ as you see some in the photo.

And also baptizing them as our Lord commissioned us in Matt 28:19

Has you see Pastor David and the ministry team baptizing them 



So if  you would like pastor David to come and share his testimony with you, your church or family, please just send him the invitation letter and he do it free of charge and he did not need to be paid to testify for the Lord goodness unless the Lord speaks to you to bless him or his ministry and feel free to contact us for any information you need in Jesus' name.
In Case You Happen To Be In Uganda Or In The Area Around, We welcome You To heavenly Embassy Church the place where you will always feel loved and accepted, even when you don’t love and accept yourself.  Come and be blessed With the word of God and experience God’s presence and the DIVINE MOMENT WITH US.

May God bless you.