Heavenly Embassy Church

     ‘‘The Place Where People Reconciled With God And The Hopeless Get Hope’’

Pr David started Heavenly Embassy Church in somebody’s sitting room with almost nothing together with a few other young ministers having a ‘congregation’ of just one besides themselves. Over years we have seen God expanding the Heavenly Embassy church from the sitting room to where we are now. According to the speedy growth of HEC congregation we decided to construct the temporary church and this is how it began and we spent one year In this situation.


                   And here we are now and this is the OUT SIDE VIEW


                                 And this is the INSIDE VIEW

Briefly this is how HEC started. Pr David was invited to pray for a lady who had no job at Busega and he met there a young girl of a bout  10 years who was infected with HIV / AIDS and her hair had failed to grow even her growth was stranded as you see in the photo below.


So when pr David prayed for a jobless lady and she got a job, then he was invited to pray for that younger girl too and after sometime they released that God healed her from HIV/AIDS in Jesus' name,


                     And now this is how she looks like now.


So her family requested pr David to start the fellowship in their home but According to the speedy growth of that fellowship, pr David’s spiritual father told him, it is wised to declare it a Church and On 13th of March 2005, it became a church and dully called Heavenly Embassy Church and the family that had hosted the fellowship fully offered their sitting room for full operation of all Church activities as we desired. And we started seeing Gods’ hand doing miracle, sings and wonders in the sitting room church. As you see some in this photo below


And the congregation grow bigger and the sitting room became smaller. So we started to look for the land where we can build the temporary church, while we started looking for a land, the owner of the sitting room called pr David and asked him why we wanted to move from that place and pr David told him that we need a bigger place as the sitting room is getting smaller for the congregation. The old man asked him. "How do you see this courtyard place for your expansion?


So we realized that the Lord needs us in this area and the old man went ahead and showed us even where to construct the latrines. And that is the place where we have HEC temporary church now in the courtyard.


We thank God for that old man but unfortunately this place where the church is located is a road reserve where the electricity is passing bay as you see

And the capital city authority and the electricity supply authority told us to leave this place. We have been praying and crying to God to provide the church land


But our prayers are not yet answered and the period given to us is about to end. But there is LAND WHICH IS IDENTIFIED Near by our church and Pr David and some of the HEC board members went there to see that land as you see them in the photo below


And we’re fully intended to build on these:

We’re to build on

(a)    A church with church offices


(b) Orphanage home and School

(c) Full time ministers Apartments

(d) Bridge of Hope Center include Medical clinic and Canteen

As seen in the map below



Block A: Is full time ministers Apartments

Block B: Is Bridge of Hope Center include Medical clinic and Canteen

Block C: Is Orphanage home and School

So Please do stand with us and we may buy this land and the gospel of our Lord continue to be preached on this village of Busega where witches used to practice their sorcerers.

And you can make a donation via the Heavenly Embassy Church-Busega Account, Western union or money gram. For more about Donating, visit DONATION PAGE.